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    AQUARIO - 60x30x36 Vidro FLOAT Silicone Transparente
    FILTRO - EHEIM ECCO PRO 200 600l/h 5W c/ media biológica
    ILUMINAÇÂO - CHIHIROS A601 60CM 8000K 5800lm c/ dimmer
    234,60 €
  • AZOO Skim 250
    AZOO Skim 250
    A small and powerful aquarium surfaces skimmer for freshwater and saltwater aquariums from 10 to 250 liters.

    The AZOO Skim 250 is suitable as filter for small aquariums and effectively removes the oil film of the water surface, thus increasing the exchange of oxygen with lower CO2 loss compared to conventional small filters. To get a healthy environment for plants and animals in your aquarium.
    27,90 €
  • Bavaria Fluid Systems Solenoid valve
    Bavaria Fluid Systems Solenoid valve
    A CO2 night shutoff is a very useful technical feature for any tank. The inhabitants of the tank, like e.g. fish and shrimps, can thus recover from the elevated CO2 levels during the day. This high-quality magnetic solenoid valve is made in Germany. It saved a lot of electric energy. This solenoid valve is delivered with screw connections included. The tubing connection has been designed for standard 4/6 mm tubing.

    This company is specialised in solenoid valves. Here, the highest quality meets very attractive prices. The solenoid valves made by Bavaria Fluid Systems are very efficient yet really quiet, technically up to date and optimised for a long useful life. For aquascapers and planted tank enthusiasts, the solenoid valves by Bavaria Fluid Systems are first choice when they need a night shut-off for their CO2 supplying system.

    34,90 €
  • Chihiros E-Series Led Lighting System - RGB60
    Chihiros E-Series Led Lighting System - RGB60
    Tank 60cm - 80cm 120 Led's

    Product Description

    ​True full spectrum aquarium lights, spectral coverage area 400-700nm, proiding the necessary light and color for healthy growth.

    Provide sufficient brightness and realistic colors, so you see a clear and through real world.

    Optimize the configuration to ensure the healthy growth of green and red water plants,make fish more beautiful and moving.
    126,23 €
  • Chihiros A-Series Led Lighting System A601 Plus
    Chihiros A-Series Led Lighting System A601 Plus

    These Chihiros A-Series Plus Led light are made of the high luminance LEDs. Chihiros LED lights are professionally designed for aquarium plant cultivation. They are jointly developed by Chihiros and Japan LED specialist, which is a full-spectrum white light with more than 88% high color rednering "HCRI" and can render any object closest to the natural color, efficiency of photosynthesis (PAP) can be completely comparable to traditional T8&T5 lamp.
    Brand New & High Quality.
    LED cover made of aluminum alloy and finished with anodize surface treatment, effectively reduce the heat generation problem of high luminosity LED lamps and
    prevent from rust.
    Common Specification :
    Power Input: AC100 - 240V, 50-60Hz
    Color temperature: Around 8,000K
    9mm thin lamp plate.
    Long lifetime : over50,000hrs.
    Model :
    A601 :
    Lamp dimension : W590 x D100 x H90mm
    Luminous Flux: 9600lm.
    Power consumption: 65W
    LED: white, 195pcs.
    For 60~80cm long tank.
    Stainless Steel Stand : 22x11cm, Holder : 11mm, can fit max 11mm thick tank.
    97,50 €
  • Crepidomanes cf. malabaricum - Medium Categ.
    Crepidomanes cf. malabaricum - Medium Categ.
    The new fern Crepidomanes cf. malabaricum is a real rarity. It belongs to the bristle fern family and is more reminiscent of a moss than a fern. In its natural habitat it grows terrestrially on large rocks and is only covered by water in the rainy season. There is only a small amount of cultivation experience, however it also grows when permanently underwater. Here its growth is classed as extremely slow. Crepidomanes is an especially good feature for delicate aquascaping layouts. The fragile rhizomes should ideally be attached to stones or roots.
    9,99 €
  • Twinstar Light 900ES
    Twinstar Light 900ES
    199,90 €
  • Chihiros A-Series Led Lighting System A351
    Chihiros A-Series Led Lighting System A351
    (Lighting Size) - W350 x D60 x H50mm

    (Power consumption)- 21 Watts

    LED 0.33W/each x 63

    (Color temperature) Around 8,000K

    (Power Input) AC100 - 240V,50-60HZ

    (Luminous Flux) - 3450lm

    (LED lifetime) Over 50,000hrs

    (Operating temperature range) - 20-40℃

    58,90 €
  • Chihiros Coral Salt - 20 kg
    Chihiros Coral Salt - 20 kg
    Ideal choice of reef aquarium, can promote growth rate and health of coral as well as strengthening the
    vitality of all coral. The unique formula of Chihiros coral enhanced salt comes from the evaporation of the
    seawater with rich elements from the place near coral reefs in Sipadan Malaysia. After evaporation, we
    can get the natural raw materials --NaCL, and then through mixing these nature materials, the salt with
    high level of calcium and magnesium which is perfect equilibrium with hardness will be produced. Each of
    the crystals that is collected contains 45 sorts of secondary and trace elements from coral reef waters.
    Through the elements added to joint formula, a small amount of water can even ensure the natural level of
    the 57 elements. On the basis of many years of manufacturing and research experience as well as unique
    production processes, coral enhanced salt does not contained heavy metal elements more than the natural
    level, and never contains chelating agent.
    Coral Growth Assistant Instruments
    All the coral in the process of growth construct their skeleton by absorbing the main, secondary and trace
    elements in the surrounding seawater. The original study of the company shows that the special proportion
    of calcium, magnesium and hardness plays an important role in absorption of elements from sea and the
    growth of corals . In "the enhancement of improvement formula", the balance between the elements of
    formula provides all soft corals, such as large polyps of coral and small polyps of coral with foundation for
    accelerated health growth and it is especially recommended in the proliferation of broken branches of coral.
    69,90 €
  • Chihiros Doctor Nano S
    Chihiros Doctor Nano S
    CHIHIROS DOCTOR MINI S / NANO S / SUPER S (Fish: Prevention of Fish Diseases)

    Rely on Strong Sterilization Ability to Kill Pathogenic Bacteria Effectively
    Killing pathogenic bacteria in water automatically in direct and indirect ways per hour
    reduces the possibility of diseases caused by viruses and pathogens of fish, and can
    effectively reduce skin mucosal infection and gastrointestinal diseases of fish. The
    experiment of aeromonas hydrophila, herpes, mold, and E. coli, shows the efficiency of
    killing is up to 99.9% .

    Free cleaning
    Chihiros doctors Ⅱ perfect solved problems of fouling on mesh due to water quality.
    Permanently free cleaning is the main feature of a new generation of Chihiros doctors. With
    more perfect intelligent program, Chihiros doctors Ⅱ can protect crystal shrimps and fish
    better and control the outbreak of algae effectively .

    Reducing Harmful Substances in Water
    Breaking down the high concentration of chlorine in running water quickly can avoid burns of fish caused by
    chlorine, hypochlorous acid, chlorine dioxide and other chlorides. The rapid subsidence and decomposition of
    harmful substances in ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other water can improve the juvenile survival rate greatly and
    reduce the water cycle as well as control the concentrations of harmful substances in water effectively.

    Supplementary of Trace Elements
    In the process of changing the form of water molecules and decomposition of water molecules, minerals and a
    variety of trace elements that can be absorbed by creatures will be released to meet the needs of the growth of
    cultures. Reduce the condition of low heme microcytic anemia and poor growth due to the lack of trace elements.
    Enhance the immunity and metabolic capacity of fish.

    According to the Automatic Setting Algorithm of the Environment of Aquarium
    According to the different ecological environment of aquarium in early stage, middle stage and late stage, different
    sterilization intensity and operation cycle is used in different stages. The optimal control algorithm offers greatly
    convenience to consumers.

    CHIHIROS DOCTOR NANO S are designed for the purpose of killing pathogenic bacteria of fish in the aquariums
    with capacity of 120L to 250L. Please use it according to the appropriate capacity and instruction.
    89,90 €
  • Chihiros Magnet Cleaner - Glass 5-10mm - 49x43mm - S
    Chihiros Magnet Cleaner - Glass 5-10mm - 49x43mm - S
    Magnet Cleaner

    Chihiros emphasizes the details and quality of products. Chihiros magnet cleaner is
    another craft of Chihiros product line. Made of the highest performance magnets—N52 high
    performance magnets in magnet industry, the cleaner feels more comfortable. Chihiros
    magnet cleaner is different from the fish tank brush in the market, for the brushes was
    distinguished on the basis of thickness of glass, to solve the problems of suction of customers
    caused by the thickness of glass.
    26,50 €
  • Filtros Externos Fluval FX - FX4 - 2650 l/h
    Filtros Externos Fluval FX - FX4 - 2650 l/h
    Filtros Externos Fluval FX

    La serie FX de Fluval son filtros externos de alto rendimiento y eficiencia gracias a su tecnología SmartPump que garantiza un rendimiento óptimo expulsando el aire acumulado cada 12 horas y monitoreando el funcionamiento del rotor y la salida de agua. Este filtro externo hecho en Italia tiene hasta 6 etapas de filtración que garantizan un agua cristalina en acuarios de agua dulce y salada.

    Filtros Externos de Alto Rendimiento

    El ingenio y la innovación europeas han alimentado la próxima generación de Filtros Externos FX, que cuentan con la tecnología de rendimiento optimizando patentado de SMART PUMP ™. Además de una intrincada filtración multi etapa, la Serie FX incorpora un sistema de cambio de agua y un diseño de bandejas dentro de cada cesta para ofrecer una mayor capacidad de medios filtrantes. Como siempre, puedes esperar de la Serie FX la legendaria mezcla de potencia y eficiencia que permite pasar más tiempo disfrutando del acuario, y menos tiempo realizando el mantenimiento.

    Conocido por su resistencia y durabilidad, el FX6 ofrece una salida de agua de 3.500 LPH en acuarios de hasta 1.500 litros. Ese tipo de potencia barre el tanque mejor y más rápido, al recoger una mayor cantidad de desechos, lo que en última instancia se traduce en una menor frecuencia de mantenimiento.

    Sobre la base de la plataforma del potente FX se ha creado el NUEVO FX4, un "hermano pequeño" del FX6 más compacto. Capaz de dar una salida de agua de 2650 LPH, el FX4 cierra la brecha entre el Fluval 406 y el FX6, por lo que es una opción ideal para los que tengan acuarios de hasta 950 litros.

    Medidas caja del producto: 38.5 x 38.5 x 45

    Peso: 7,500 Kg.

    257,99 €


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