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Ringder AC-112 Thermostat microprocessor

Ringder AC-112 Thermostat microprocessor

27,90 €
Referência: RingderAC112

Thermostat Ringder AC-112 is the perfect device for the automation of aquariums and terrariums. Maintain appropriate conditions for controlling the temperature in the tank. The device can operate in night and day.

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Ringder Thermostat is a device very easy to use. Simply plug into the socket thermostat warm appropriate device (eg. Heating mat, heating cable, bulb), program the length of day and night, and assign them to the appropriate temperature for your pet. Yes handled device will maintain the proper temperature during the day and night cool tank thus mimicking the natural temperature falls.
Additionally, the thermostat has a cooling mode. Operation of the thermostat in this mode is reversed, that is, if the temperature in the tank exceeds the set value is automatically activated cooling device (eg. A steam generator, a fan). This function will work when the summer heat protecting fish, corals or heat-sensitive amphibians from overheating.

The thermostat manufacturer Ringer remember all settings even in case of power failure.
Specifications :

- programmable temperature range of 16 to 40 ° C
- Temperature resolution: 0.1 ° C
- Accuracy: +/- 1 ° C
- timer (programming day and night) 0-24 h
- power consumption - <3
- maximum power of connected devices - 1100

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