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DP-2 Jebao fluid dispenser (pump 2)

DP-2 Jebao fluid dispenser (pump 2)

79,90 €
Referência: JEBAODP2

Equipamento para dosear fertilizantes automático

Jebao DP-2 is precise, automatic fluid dispenser, designed specifically for the needs of the aquarium. With this device you can in an easy and convenient way to address the issue of regular administration of fertilizers and salt to the aquarium without the constant need to remember this important step. The wide spectrum of available settings to match the work of DP-2 to each tank.

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Jebao DP-2 has been provided with two precision pumps which are able to be administered by any liquid with a precision of 1 ml, and each of them has the ability to program up to 24 dosages each day. The distinguishing feature of DP-2 from other devices on the market it is possible to determine the interval between successive liquid portions in the range 0-30dni. As a result, they may be administered daily or, for example, every 7 days, or every 30 days.

It is the ideal solution for every aquarist, allowing synchronize with each successive portions of fluids. Due to its universal character of the DP-2 can work with freshwater fertilizers such as eg micro and macro; salts for salt water pools as buffers Mg, Ca, Kh and others. With the ability to administer liquid food this device can also be used as an automatic feeder for beads.

Technical data:
Number of pumps 2
single dose volume: 1-9999ml
No. dosages / day: 24
interval dosing day (Days): 0 (day) - 30

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