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Chihiros Coral Salt - 20 kg

Chihiros Coral Salt - 20 kg

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Ideal choice of reef aquarium, can promote growth rate and health of coral as well as strengthening the
vitality of all coral. The unique formula of Chihiros coral enhanced salt comes from the evaporation of the
seawater with rich elements from the place near coral reefs in Sipadan Malaysia. After evaporation, we
can get the natural raw materials --NaCL, and then through mixing these nature materials, the salt with
high level of calcium and magnesium which is perfect equilibrium with hardness will be produced. Each of
the crystals that is collected contains 45 sorts of secondary and trace elements from coral reef waters.
Through the elements added to joint formula, a small amount of water can even ensure the natural level of
the 57 elements. On the basis of many years of manufacturing and research experience as well as unique
production processes, coral enhanced salt does not contained heavy metal elements more than the natural
level, and never contains chelating agent.
Coral Growth Assistant Instruments
All the coral in the process of growth construct their skeleton by absorbing the main, secondary and trace
elements in the surrounding seawater. The original study of the company shows that the special proportion
of calcium, magnesium and hardness plays an important role in absorption of elements from sea and the
growth of corals . In "the enhancement of improvement formula", the balance between the elements of
formula provides all soft corals, such as large polyps of coral and small polyps of coral with foundation for
accelerated health growth and it is especially recommended in the proliferation of broken branches of coral.

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