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Chihiros Doctor Mini S

Chihiros Doctor Mini S

89,90 €
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CHIHIROS DOCTOR MINI S / NANO S / SUPER S (Fish: Prevention of Fish Diseases)

Rely on Strong Sterilization Ability to Kill Pathogenic Bacteria Effectively
Killing pathogenic bacteria in water automatically in direct and indirect ways per hour
reduces the possibility of diseases caused by viruses and pathogens of fish, and can
effectively reduce skin mucosal infection and gastrointestinal diseases of fish. The
experiment of aeromonas hydrophila, herpes, mold, and E. coli, shows the efficiency of
killing is up to 99.9% .

Free cleaning
Chihiros doctors Ⅱ perfect solved problems of fouling on mesh due to water quality.
Permanently free cleaning is the main feature of a new generation of Chihiros doctors. With
more perfect intelligent program, Chihiros doctors Ⅱ can protect crystal shrimps and fish
better and control the outbreak of algae effectively .

Reducing Harmful Substances in Water
Breaking down the high concentration of chlorine in running water quickly can avoid burns of fish caused by
chlorine, hypochlorous acid, chlorine dioxide and other chlorides. The rapid subsidence and decomposition of
harmful substances in ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other water can improve the juvenile survival rate greatly and
reduce the water cycle as well as control the concentrations of harmful substances in water effectively.

Supplementary of Trace Elements
In the process of changing the form of water molecules and decomposition of water molecules, minerals and a
variety of trace elements that can be absorbed by creatures will be released to meet the needs of the growth of
cultures. Reduce the condition of low heme microcytic anemia and poor growth due to the lack of trace elements.
Enhance the immunity and metabolic capacity of fish.

According to the Automatic Setting Algorithm of the Environment of Aquarium
According to the different ecological environment of aquarium in early stage, middle stage and late stage, different
sterilization intensity and operation cycle is used in different stages. The optimal control algorithm offers greatly
convenience to consumers.

CHIHIROS DOCTOR MINI S are designed for the purpose of killing pathogenic bacteria of fish in the aquariums
with capacity of L to L. Please use it according to the appropriate capacity and instruction.

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